Tissue Processing

Shandon Hypercenter XP
Shandon Hypercenter XP

Shandon Hypercenter XP
The Center provides automatic tissue processing using Shandon Hypercenter XP, which is a computer- controlled tissue processor with automated fixation, dehydration, cleaning and paraffin infiltration features for tissue samples. The automated process ensures consistency between experiments. High-quality histology result begins with good tissue processing. The ultimate outcome of any staining is determined considerably by the handling of the tissue prior to staining.

Shandon Embedding Center

Shanton Embedding
Shandon Embedding Center

Users at our facility can embed tissue with paraffin using the Shandon Embedding Center. The Core facility offers training and the use of the Embedding Center for tissue processor users.

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Xuemei Zhong, PhD
Director & Scientific Consultant
Office: (617) 638-7028

Natalie Bitar, MPH
Manager & IHC Specialist
Office: (617) 638-7003


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