Antigen Retrieval

Biocare Decloaking Chamber

Biocare Decloaking Chamber

The Core provides Heat-Induced Epitope Retrieval (HIER) using Biocare Decloaking Chamber or, Proteolytic Induced Epitope Retrieval (PIER).

We provide consultation on experiment design to optimize antigen retrieval process and maximize sensitivity and specificity of your IHC/IF staining. Consultation available for the optimization of new antibodies and/or troubleshooting.

Contact us to start your IHC experiment. To schedule equipment time or services use the Cores Equipment Scheduler (CES). For new users click here.


Xuemei Zhong, PhD
Director & Scientific Consultant
Office: (617) 638-7028

Natalie Bitar, MPH
Manager & IHC Specialist
Office: (617) 638-7003


Evans Biomedical Research Center
650 Albany Street, 4th Floor Office
Building X – Room 431
Boston, MA 02118