Experimental Pathology Laboratory Service

The Experimental Pathology Laboratory Service Core (EX+) provides high quality and cost-effective histological services to investigators. EX+ also provides cutting edge imaging services and pathology interpretation services. We support investigators by assisting in experimental design, development and interpretation.

In addition, EX+ has an embedding center, microtomes and cryostat available for client usage. We also have a Leica II Tissue Processor which is solely dedicated for research use, and is equipped with various processing programs available with or without formalin.

  • Tissue processing-dissection
  • Paraffin and frozen section processing and embedding
  • Histological staining
  • Digital photo microscopy
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Histopathology
  • Pathologist consult services
  • Access to the Biospecimen Archive Research Core.

EX+ core is a fee for service core and open to all BU/BMC investigators, as well as outside institutions and commercial companies. For the current price list visit the EPLSC website and to submit your order form click here.


Cheryl Spencer
EX+ Core Manager
(617) 413-1954│ cheryl.spencer@bmc.org

Dr. Jiyoun Kim
EX+ Core Director│ (617) 414-7067
(617) 414-7067│ jykim@bu.edu

pathlab@bu.edu │(617) 414-5292


670 Albany Street, 3rd Floor, Room 350
Boston, MA 02118