ThermoFisher Scientific

Supply Center Express Option

The ThermoFisher Scientific has stocked a room temperature cabinet, 4°C refrigerator, and  –20°C freezer with many research products for onsite immediate purchase. ThermoFisher Scientific provides a simple web-based inventory management that allows you to search, purchase, checkout products and manage inventory all from your desktop computer using the web-based Supply Center Management System (SCMS).

The list of ThermoFisher supply products can be found here. To register for a badge to access the ThermoFisher Scientific kiosk please contact Brian Dangel.


Brian Dangel, Ph.D.
Consumables Sales Representative
ThermoFisher Scientific
Mobile (617) 583-2502


BUSM Research Supply Center
72 E. Concord Street
Instructional Building, 9th Floor – Room L901 (between L and R elevators).
Boston, MA 02118