Microplate Reader

NanoQuant Multimode Microplate Reader

NanoQuant Multimode Microplate Reader
NanoQuant Multimode Microplate Reader

The Infinite 200 PRO NanoQuant by Tecan was developed specifically for absorbance applications (UV to NIR spectral range) with small sample size. It functions similarly as the NanoDrop UV/VIS, detecting DNA concentrations as low as 1ng/ul, but with the capability to identify as many as 16 trace samples simultaneously with the NanoQuant quartz plate (provided).

DOM Location: 650 Albany Street, Rm 510 (X-510)
Instrument Manager: Maggie Baker (mbaker6@bu.edu)

Tecan Infinite® M1000 Microplate Reader

Tecan Infinite M100 Microplate Reader
Tecan Infinite M1000 Microplate Reader

The Infinite® M1000 from TECAN is a high-end multimode Microplate Reader with premium Quad4 Monochromators. The Reader is capable of monitoring UV and visible absorbencies and fluorescence of the samples held in the 96, 396 and other microplates. In addition, the Infinite® M1000 Reader is able to detect the following:

  • Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)Time resolved fluorescence (TRF)
  • Fluorescence intensity top and bottom readingFlash luminescence
  • Glow luminescence
  • Dual color luminescence including filter for BRET1 & BRET 2 applications)
  • Kinetic studies

The flexibility, sensitivity and speed are features of this newly designed optical instrument.

DOM Location: 650 Albany Street, Rm 810 (X-810)
Instrument Manager: Jude Deeney, Ph.D (jdeeney@bu.edu)

Tecan Infinite® M1000 Pro Microplate Reader

Tecan Infinite M100 Pro Microplate Reader
Tecan Infinite M1000 Pro Microplate Reader

The premium Quad4 Monochromators™ technology of the Infinite M1000 PRO offers total freedom of wavelength selection without the need for absorbance or fluorescence filters. This ensures great flexibility and sensitivity for the definition, fine-tuning and validation of a wide range of assays and reagents used today, making it an instrument of choice for assay development and a variety of high performance applications. The Infinite M1000 PRO offers a wealth of microplate formats and measurement modes. It supports all common microplates conforming to the ANSI/SBS standards, from 6- to 1,536-well plates, as well as Tecan’s unique NanoQuant Plate™ for low volume measurements in absorbance and fluorescence modes.

DOM Location: 670 Albany Street, Rm 237
Instrument Manager: Matthew Au (mau115@bu.edu)