Analytical Instrumentation Core

Welcome to the BUMC Analytical Instrumentation Core. We provide support to investigators through cutting-edge analytical instruments to facilitate research and education in the Department of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine as well as Boston Medical Center.

We maintain all core instruments and provide open access to resources in an effort to increase accessibility of instruments for investigators. We fully support investigators in their efforts to win extramural research funding and introduce innovative instrumentation through the use of regularly seminars.

The Analytical Instrumentation Core’s central laboratory is located at 670 Albany Street, Lab 232 , Boston, Mass. Other satellite sites on the BUMC include W, X, E, R buildings and the Evans Biomedical Research Center.

Please use the Cores Equipment Scheduler (CES) to schedule equipment time or services. For new users click here.

RT-PCR System StepOne Plus (X2) or
7900 HT Fast Real-Time PCR System
W- 624
Rm 251/236
670 Albany
$11 per hour
$15 per hour (assisted use)
Gel Imaging or Luminescent Image Analyzer X- 430 Pulm,
X- 840
$0.65 per minute
PhosphoImager FluoS Rm 232,
670 Albany
$6.5 per 15 minutes
Oxygen Analyzer X- 810 $20.50 per hour run
Minimum use is 2 hours
Liquid Scintillation Counter (LSC) X- 740 $22 per hour
Nanodrop Spectrophotometer W- 619 $0.65 per minute
HEMAVET 950 FS Auto Blood Analyzer Rm 236,
670 Albany
$45 per hour
Free Flow Electrophoresis Rm 232,
670 Albany
$10 per hour
Tecan Microplate Reader X- 810,
Rm 236,
670 Albany
$1 per minute
2-D PAGE Apparatus & Imager Rm 232,
670 Albany
$8 per hour
FPLC Rm 232,
670 Albany
$10 per hour
Minimum use is 2 hours
IHC Facility Autostainer X- 430 $24 per slide

Services Available:

1. Protein/Cytokine Array Service

2. Fatty Acid and Monosaccharide Analysis

3. qPCR Array Service

How to use the Core


Matthew Au
AIC Lab Manager
670 Albany St Rm 232
Boston MA 02118


Lynn Deng
Director of Analytical Instrumentation Core
670 Albany St Rm 232
Boston MA 02118