Sudhir Kumar, PhD

Instructor, Medicine

Sudhir Kumar


Sudhir Kumar, PhD is an incoming Instructor of Nephrology at the Boston University School of Medicine. Before being appointed to his position, he was a postdoc at BUSM for four years. In addition to giving numerous lectures, mostly on the topic of genetics in mice, Dr. Kumar has mentored both undergraduate and high school students. He has written over a dozen manuscripts, 3 of which are being prepped for publication.


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  • Published on 11/17/2016

    Fan X, Yang H, Kumar S, Tumelty KE, Pisarek-Horowitz A, Rasouly HM, Sharma R, Chan S, Tyminski E, Shamashkin M, Belghasem M, Henderson JM, Coyle AJ, Salant DJ, Berasi SP, Lu W. SLIT2/ROBO2 signaling pathway inhibits nonmuscle myosin IIA activity and destabilizes kidney podocyte adhesion. JCI Insight. 2016 11 17; 1(19):e86934. PMID: 27882344.

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  • Published on 8/31/2016

    Rasouly HM, Kumar S, Chan S, Pisarek-Horowitz A, Sharma R, Xi QJ, Nishizaki Y, Higashi Y, Salant DJ, Maas RL, Lu W. Loss of Zeb2 in mesenchyme-derived nephrons causes primary glomerulocystic disease. Kidney Int. 2016 Dec; 90(6):1262-1273. PMID: 27591083.

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