Stephen A. Martin, MD, EdD

Adjunct Instructor, Family Medicine

Stephen Martin
(617) 414-4465


Since joining the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2009, Dr. Martin’s clinical site has been the Barre Family Health Center, the source of health care for ten rural towns; he brings this perspective as co-director of the UMMS Rural Health Scholars Program for medical and graduate nursing students. Dr. Martin serves as faculty for the center’s 12 family medicine residents as well as medical student clerks. In addition, as faculty for the Teachers of Tomorrow program, he helps train newer primary care faculty from 15 northeast medical schools in aspects of medical education, including clinical thinking. He serves as a local clinical consultant in wound care, Suboxone treatment for opiate dependence, and colposcopy.

Prior to arriving at UMMS, Dr. Martin served as a National Health Service Corps Scholar from 2005-2009. In 2006 he helped establish a community health center satellite clinic in the rural North Quabbin region of Massachusetts. He served as its sole physician and provided full-spectrum primary care for underserved area residents. From 2007-2009, he served as a medical officer at the Bureau of Prisons’ Federal Medical Center in Devens, Massachusetts. In this referral center, Dr. Martin cared for patients with end-stage renal, liver, and cardiac disease, as well as those with complex wounds, trauma, and illness.

Dr. Martin’s research interests include feedback in medical education, hospital readmissions, and diagnostic error. Since 2009, he has been the principal investigator of a group examining the health effects of the Federal Bureau of Prisons tobacco ban. Including collaborators from Harvard and Brown, the group is conducting a translational investigation of the natural history of enforced smoking abstinence – including subjective, clinical, pulmonary, and serum biomarker testing, as well as utilization of health care services.

Dr. Martin’s core tobacco research interests include:

Natural history of tobacco-related pathophysiology after cessation/stopping smoking
Natural history of addiction experience in long-term enforced abstinence settings
Biomarkers of addiction
Biomarkers of pulmonary and other pathophysiology
Tobacco-related interventions prior to release from correctional institutions
Public health impact of long-term enforced abstinence

Internship and Residency in Family Medicine 2000-2005
Boston University Medical Center
South Boston Community Health Center

Harvard Medical School, MD 2002
Harvard Graduate School of Education, EdM 1996
Williams College, BA 1991


  • Harvard Medical School, MD
  • Harvard University, EdM
  • Williams College, BA


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