Jennifer Ellis Ward, PhD

Instructor, Medicine

650 Albany St Evans Biomed Research Ctr

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  • Boston Medical Center


  • Boston University School of Medicine, PhD
  • Georgetown University, BS


  • Published on 6/9/2017

    Liao R, Ward JE. Amyloid Cardiomyopathy: Disease on the Rise. Circ Res. 2017 Jun 09; 120(12):1865-1867. PMID: 28596171.

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  • Published on 12/1/2012

    Shin JT, Ward JE, Collins PA, Dai M, Semigran HL, Semigran MJ, Seldin DC. Overexpression of human amyloidogenic light chains causes heart failure in embryonic zebrafish: a preliminary report. Amyloid. 2012 Dec; 19(4):191-6. PMID: 23126591.

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  • Published on 10/12/2011

    Ward JE, Ren R, Toraldo G, Soohoo P, Guan J, O'Hara C, Jasuja R, Trinkaus-Randall V, Liao R, Connors LH, Seldin DC. Doxycycline reduces fibril formation in a transgenic mouse model of AL amyloidosis. Blood. 2011 Dec 15; 118(25):6610-7. PMID: 21998211.

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  • Published on 6/1/2011

    Ward JE, SooHoo P, Toraldo G, Jasuja R, Connors LH, O'Hara C, Seldin DC. Metabolic phenotype in an AL amyloidosis transgenic mouse model. Amyloid. 2011 Jun; 18 Suppl 1:40-1. PMID: 21838426.

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  • Published on 5/12/2011

    Hovey BM, Ward JE, Soo Hoo P, O'Hara CJ, Connors LH, Seldin DC. Preclinical development of siRNA therapeutics for AL amyloidosis. Gene Ther. 2011 Dec; 18(12):1150-6. PMID: 21562591.

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  • Published on 2/11/2010

    Shi J, Guan J, Jiang B, Brenner DA, Del Monte F, Ward JE, Connors LH, Sawyer DB, Semigran MJ, Macgillivray TE, Seldin DC, Falk R, Liao R. Amyloidogenic light chains induce cardiomyocyte contractile dysfunction and apoptosis via a non-canonical p38alpha MAPK pathway. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Mar 2; 107(9):4188-93. PMID: 20150510.

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  • Published on 5/1/2007

    Kos CA, Ward JE, Malek K, Sanchorawala V, Wright DG, O'Hara C, Connors L, Skinner M, Seldin DC. Association of acquired von Willebrand syndrome with AL amyloidosis. Am J Hematol. 2007 May; 82(5):363-7. PMID: 17205535.

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  • Published on 4/1/2001

    Ellis JM, Hoyer RJ, Costello CN, Mshana RN, Quakyi IA, Mshana MN, Diaby B, Traore M, Johnson AH, Hurley CK. HLA-B allele frequencies in Côte d'Ivoire defined by direct DNA sequencing: identification of HLA-B*1405, B*4410, and B*5302. Tissue Antigens. 2001 Apr; 57(4):339-43. PMID: 11380943.

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  • Published on 10/1/2000

    Ellis JM, Mack SJ, Leke RF, Quakyi I, Johnson AH, Hurley CK. Diversity is demonstrated in class I HLA-A and HLA-B alleles in Cameroon, Africa: description of HLA-A*03012, *2612, *3006 and HLA-B*1403, *4016, *4703. Tissue Antigens. 2000 Oct; 56(4):291-302. PMID: 11098929.

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  • Published on 4/1/2000

    Ellis J, Steiner N, Kosman C, Henson V, Mitton W, Koester R, Ng J, Hartzman RJ, Hurley CK. Seventeen more novel HLA-A locus alleles. Tissue Antigens. 2000 Apr; 55(4):369-73. PMID: 10852390.

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