Christine Liu, MD MSc

Assistant Professor, Medicine

(617) 638-6100
88 E. Newton St Newton Pavilion


My area of focus is older adults with chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease, especially those on hemodialysis. My goal is to improve quality of life in these groups with interventions. I am trained as an epidemiologist and have substantial expertise with clinical trials in older adults, including nursing home residents.

Other Positions

  • Assistant Professor, Medicine, Boston Medical Center


  • Temple University School of Medicine, MD
  • Brown University, BA


  • Published on 12/23/2015

    Liu CK, Lyass A, Larson MG, Massaro JM, Wang N, D'Agostino RB, Benjamin EJ, Murabito JM. Biomarkers of oxidative stress are associated with frailty: the Framingham Offspring Study. Age (Dordr). 2016 Feb; 38(1):1. PMID: 26695510.

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  • Published on 1/1/2014

    Liu CK, Leng X, Hsu FC, Kritchevsky SB, Ding J, Earnest CP, Ferrucci L, Goodpaster BH, Guralnik JM, Lenchik L, Pahor M, Fielding RA. The impact of sarcopenia on a physical activity intervention: the Lifestyle Interventions and Independence for Elders Pilot Study (LIFE-P). J Nutr Health Aging. 2014 Jan; 18(1):59-64. PMID: 24402391.

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  • Published on 8/2/2013

    Liu CK, Lyass A, Massaro JM, D'Agostino RB, Fox CS, Murabito JM. Chronic kidney disease defined by cystatin C predicts mobility disability and changes in gait speed: the Framingham Offspring Study. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2014 Mar; 69(3):301-7. PMID: 23913929.

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  • Published on 2/1/2011

    Liu CK, Fielding RA. Exercise as an intervention for frailty. Clin Geriatr Med. 2011 Feb; 27(1):101-10. PMID: 21093726.

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