Gifts in Memory & Honor

To pay tribute and remember

Meg Curtis’s husband had what she called “monster Alzheimer’s.”

Skip Curtis was once an active participant and leader in his local community—planning board member, Lions chairman, and bed-and-breakfast owner. Then, in 2006, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Skip’s and Meg’s lives drastically changed, but they vowed to fight the disease. They worked closely with clinicians and faculty at the School of Medicine, and participated in multiple studies, energetically and optimistically seeking a way to battle Skip’s illness.

Despite the family’s and the School’s efforts, Skip died on August 14, 2010. While in the midst of their battle with the illness, Meg established the Skip Curtis Fund for Clinical Research in Alzheimer’s at BU. After Skip’s death, she asked friends and family members to make gifts to the fund in Skip’s memory. Meg and her family are committed to growing the fund and supporting important research at BUSM, so that other families don’t have to suffer through losing a husband, father, grandfather, and friend to this terrible, debilitating disease.

Honorary and memorial contributions enable alumni and friends to pay tribute to respected professors, admired colleagues, cherished classmates, or loved ones—and at the same time, advance medical education and research at Boston University School of Medicine.

Gifts in honor of a birthday or in memory of a loved one do not require the creation of a new fund. These gifts can be directed to the School of Medicine in general or to a particular department, depending on the family’s wishes, in both cases providing necessary support for our faculty and students.

Some donors take their tribute a step further by creating a named fund. A minimum donation of $10,000 is required to establish a named fund. (Certain kinds of funds, such as endowed scholarship funds or professorships, have larger minimum requirements.) Both types of gifts can also qualify the donor or the honoree for membership in BUSM’s giving societies.

Death announcements

If you have decided to suggest memorial contributions to BUSM in a loved one’s death announcement, the BUSM Development Office can help you ensure that the announcement wording of contains the correct information, and that the designated family members are notified when gifts are made.

To learn more about giving in honor or in memory of someone you know, please contact the Development Office at 617-358-9535, or at