Endowed Gifts

The key to our long-term success

The School’s endowment is, at once, its legacy from past generations of generous supporters and its window on the future.

By making endowed gifts, donors support today’s and tomorrow’s students.  They advance today’s ambitious agenda, and also put their permanent imprint on the future of a world-class research and teaching institution.

A strong endowment:

  • Gives BUSM the flexibility and freedom to invent and embrace new disciplines; hire additional faculty; build new classrooms, laboratories, offices, and residences; and update existing facilities
  • Ensures stable funding levels for the School’s departments and programs
  • Helps limit tuition increases by supporting operations that otherwise would have to be sustained by tuition and fees

Restricted endowment gifts: Donors designate their gifts for specific purposes, such as scholarships, lectureships, professorships, or special programs.

Unrestricted endowment gifts: Donors who contribute unrestricted endowment gifts allow the School to determine how the income from their gifts can be put to the most effective use. Endowments like these provide the most flexibility, and can be used to respond to unexpected opportunities and challenges.

Endowed funds

Endowing gifts to Boston University School of Medicine forever links donors with a program, professorship, or scholarship. The minimum amounts required to endow particular programs are as follows:

  • School: $100 million
  • Student Residence: $20 million
  • Deanship: $5 million
  • Incremental Professorship (new faculty position): $4 million
  • Professorship (existing faculty position): $2.5 million
  • Full Tuition Scholarship: $1.3 million
  • Career Development Professorship: $1.25 million
  • Clinical Skills and Simulation Center: $1 million
  • Librarianship: $1 million
  • Visiting Professorship: $1 million
  • Lectureship Fund: $100,000
  • Fellowship Fund: $100,000
  • Scholarship Fund: $100,000

To learn more about the importance of endowed giving to Boston University School of Medicine, or to learn how to make your contribution, please contact the BUSM Development Office.