Faculty & Staff

Priya Garg Photo Priya Garg, M.D.
Associate Dean of Medical Education
Chair, Medical Education Committee
prgarg@bu.edu | (617) 358-7477

Rebecca Halley Photo Rebecca Halley
Administrative Manager of Medical Education
rlhalley@bu.edu | (617) 358-7480

Elizabeth Yellen Photo Elizabeth Yellen, MD
Assistant Dean of Medical Education for Affiliated Sites
Director, Kaiser Permanente Regional Campus (Silicon Valley)

Caroline Mulligan Photo Caroline Mulligan
Manager of Affiliated Sites
carolinm@bu.edu | (617) 358-7492

Suzanne Sarfaty Photo Suzanne Sarfaty, MD
Assistant Dean of Medical Education for Enrichment
Director of Global Health Programs

Gabrielle Jacquet Photo Gabrielle Jacquet, MD, MPH
Assistant Director of Global Health Programs
Global Health Director & Assistant Residency Program Director
Department of Emergency Medicine, Boston Medical Center

Isabel Dominguez Photo M. Isabel Dominguez, PhD
Assistant Director of Medical Student Summer Research Program
Hematology-Oncology Section, Department of Medicine

Ana Gregory Photo Ana Gregory, EdM
Administrative Director for Enrichment
anagreg@bu.edu | (617) 358-7476

Molly Cohen-Osher PhotoMolly Cohen-Osher, MD
Assistant Dean of Medical Education for Curriculum & Instructional Design

Elizabeth Ferrenz Photo Elizabeth Ferrenz, M.D.
Course Director, Doctoring 1

Christine Phillips Photo Christine Phillips, M.D.
Course Co-Director, Doctoring 2

Joseph Rencic, M.D. Photo Joseph Rencic, M.D.
Director of Clinical Reasoning
Course Co-Director, Doctoring 2
jrencic@bu.edu | (617) 358-7488

Cheryl McSweeney Photo Cheryl McSweeney, M.D., M.P.H.
Course Director, Essentials of Public Health

Jodie Trainor Photo Jodie Trainor
Administrative and Financial Manager
Coordinator, Doctoring 2
jtrain@bu.edu | (617) 358-7498

Patricia Ward Photo Patricia Ward
Coordinator, Clinical Skills and Simulation Center and Integrated Problems
pward@bu.edu | (617) 638-4104

Elizabeth Rivera Photo Elizabeth Rivera
Coordinator, Disease and Therapy Course
erivera@bu.edu | (617) 358-7447

Athena Gomez-Hipolito Photo Athena Gomez-Hipolito
Committee Coordinator, Medical Education Committee, Pre-Clerkship Curriculum Subcommittee, and Clerkship Curriculum Subcommittee
ahipolit@bu.edu | (617) 358-7485

Isaque Rezende Photo Isaque Rezende, MSCIS
Educational Quality Improvement Project Manager
irezende@bu.edu | (617) 358-7493

Scott Harris Photo Scott Harris
Medical Education Coordinator
scotth@bu.edu | (617) 358-7499

Matthew Bullard Photo Matthew Bullard
Program Coordinator, Essentials of Public Health
Coordinator, Doctoring 1
mbullard@bu.edu | (617) 358-9083

Yvena Mera
Yvena Mera
Coordinator, Principles Integrating Sciences and Medicine Course
yvenamer@bu.edu | (617) 358-7468

Allison Larson Photo Allison Larson, MD
Assistant Dean of Medical Education for Preclerkship Curriculum
Allison.Larson@bmc.org | (617) 638-7420