Syllabus Initiative

The purpose of a syllabus is to:

  • Provide a summary of the course/clerkship and official policies
  • List the course/clerkship expectations (goal, learning objectives, assignments, grading)
  • Post learning materials and resources
  • Locate the course/clerkship within the curriculum (learning activities schedule)

The Syllabus Initiative involves a course/clerkship checklist to promote similar syllabi formatting for ease of student use going from course to course, for curriculum management (entry into e*Value curriculum database) and to assist student evaluations of courses/clerkships. The components of the checklist are recommendations for sequencing of the syllabus information and the content is yours to decide.  You can add to the suggested sections.

Blackboard Navigation Suggestions

Deadline for formatting the course/clerkship syllabi:  Before Blackboard posting of the syllabus and before the start of your course/clerkship.

Under Blackboard “Course Information,” please post the syllabus as a complete file. You can separate syllabus components into folders in other areas, but there needs to be posted one file titled “Syllabus.” Do not call it handout, or policies, or yellow pages; but please title the file “Syllabus.”

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