Graduating BUSM Students: Commencement Information

** NEW ** MD PhD Graduation Information 2018

** NEW** Important message from BUSM’s Registrar Ellen Difiore about diplomas and health insurance


Disability Services Accommodations Request Form

The Office of Disability Services has posted information about disability services available during Commencement Weekend. Please read the page carefully and submit an Accommodations Request Form if any of your guests will require accommodations for graduation.

Regalia information for you and your hooder

Students have two sets of regalia to be mindful of when thinking about May’s ceremony: A) their own regalia; and B) the regalia of their hooder. Please see detailed instructions below for ordering each type of regalia.

  1. A) All students must wear regalia to the Commencement ceremony. Order student regalia online by March 25 or in person at Barnes and Noble on the Charles River Campus beginning May 1.
  2. B) A hooder places the academic hood over the student’s head during the commencement ceremony. Hooders should be faculty or close relatives. Students choose and invite their own hooders or will be hooded by a BUSM dean in attendance if a specific hooder is not requested. Students requesting a BUMC faculty for hooding should confirm that their hooder is attending Commencement and has already ordered regalia for the ceremony.

Alternatively, if your selected hooder is NOT BU/BUMC/BMC faculty, s/he must hold either an MD or PhD degree and wear regalia. Please follow the instructions below for ordering regalia on your hooder’s behalf by March 27.

  1. Go to:
  2. Select Boston University from the drop-down menu. Click Continue.
  3. The next screen will indicate that the site is taking orders for BU’s ceremony on Sunday, May 20. The School of Medicine’s MD & PhD ceremony is on May 17; the site is simply noting the date of BU’s All-University Commencement on May 20. Please don’t be confused by the date. Click Continue.
  4. Click “Order Your Cap and Gown.”
  5. The next screen will confirm that you are ordering a cap, gown, and tassel for your hooder. The rental fee is $85. In the second section, enter cap and gown information for your hooder.
  6. On the next series of screens, select the state, city, and school from which your hooder received his/her highest degree.
  7. On the next screen, please enter your name and information in the “Customer Info” section and the name of your hooder as the “Participant.”
  8. You will be able to review and confirm your order before finalizing it.

If you have any regalia questions, Barnes and Noble is the best source for answers – 617-236-7402 or

Record your name today!

MD degree candidates without a recording of their name on file with BUSM received an email from Erika Reardon on February 8 asking them to call Communications to record their name to ensure that it is pronounced correctly at Commencement. If you received the email from Erika, please follow the instructions in her email as soon as possible to record your name. The recording will take one minute of your time. (If you did not receive an email from Erika, BUSM already has a recording of your name and thus you are not being asked to complete this task before Commencement.)