The Changing Face of BUSM


The motto, “exceptional care without exception”, has has always rung true at BUMC.
Whether you graduated during the 20s, 60s, 80s or last year, experiencing an excellent education from caring faculty who are leaders in their fields, and obtaining real world preparation and hands on experience while still a medical student are traits of your medical education you share with other BUSM alumni. Although this stays the same, much else has changed through the years in the School of Medicine neighborhood, campus and medical education technology. Here we highlight what BUSM is like today.

School Renovations and Modern Improvements
Photos below highlight renovations to the School of Medicine main entrance, lobby, library, second floor classrooms, anatomy lab and the use of SimMan, a patient simulator for student use.

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  • BUSM Instructional Building

    The BUSM instructional building is situated in the center of campus. It houses lecture halls, the library, study areas and lounges, student labs and administrative offices.

  • BUMC Fall

    BUSM is situated on the Boston University Medical Campus in Boston's South End neighborhood.

  • BUSM Winter

  • Talbot Green

    Outside, is the Talbot Green.

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  • Keefer Auditorium

    In addition to small classrooms and meeting rooms, the school has many auditoriums for large lectures and talks. Keefer is used for basic science courses and clinical conferences during third and fourth year rotations.

  • Hiebert Lounge

    Located on the top floor of the instructional building, Hiebert hosts student luncheon and dinner meetings, special events, as well as space for studying.

  • View from Hiebert

    The lounge also boasts one of the best views of Boston.

  • Alumni Medical Library

    The Library provides study space as well as access to thousands of standard print and full-text electronic journal subscriptions.

  • Gross Anatomy Lab

    You will become very familiar with this space during your first semester.

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  • Play hard, study hard

    There's more to medical school than studying. It's important to find balance.

  • And your education begins...

    The White Coat Ceremony kicks off your medical education at BUSM.

  • Time with friends

    Relaxing on Talbot Green at the center of the Medical Campus.

  • Want to build a snowman?

    We enjoy all four seasons! Frisbee, football, volleyball and building snowmen are some of the popular activities held on Talbot Green.

  • Celebrate residency news

    Match Day is when you find out where you will spend your residency.

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  • Medical Student Residence

    On-campus housing is available to the entering class (prior to April 30). Students may rent a bedroom in one of 104 two-bedroom apartments with shared kitchen and bathroom.

  • State-of-the-art living

    Located at the western edge of the medical campus, it is a short walk from the core educational facilities of the School of Medicine.

  • Furnishings provided

    Apartments come partially furnished including double beds, bureaus, desks and chairs.

  • Amenities make life easier

    There's a lounge, exercise room (the Fitness and Recreation Center on the Charles River Campus is also available to BUSM students), laundry facilities, a/c, high speed internet and basic cable service.

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  • Boston Medical Center (BMC), Emergency

    BMC is the principal teaching hospital of Boston University School of Medicine. It is a 547-bed primary, secondary, and tertiary care facility, serving Boston. BMC is the largest provider of trauma and emergency services in New England.

  • BMC Menino Pavillion

    This is the newest in-patient facility in Boston and is named after former Mayor Thomas Menino in recognition of his support for BMC as the foundation of the city’s health care system.

  • Simulation Center

    Direct patient care experience is supplemented with simulation technology in all four years of the curriculum. In first and second year, students spend about one day a week in a clinical setting, learning interviewing skills, physical diagnosis, and how to interact with patients.

  • Research at BUSM

    Boston University is among the top schools for NIH funding, and there are many opportunities for students to become involved in bench, clinical, epidemiologic or health services research.

  • BioSquare

    BUSM is a very large research institution, ranking among the top U.S. medical schools for externally funded research. BioSquare brings together academic and industry partners.

  • National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory (NEIDL)

    Designed to anticipate the research needs of investigators over the next 20 years, the lab may provide an opportunity for students to engage in cutting-edge research into diagnostic tests, treatments and vaccines for emerging infections.

Campus Updates


When you attended BUSM…

… was Talbot Green where students, and BUMC community gathered for lunch, socializing and respite from work? Or was it a parking lot?

… were there statues that lined the lobby walls of the School of Medicine, or was there a coffee shop?

… did you gather to socialize with students in the basement student lounge, or on the 14th floor in Hiebert Lounge?

… did you use a typewriter to write your papers, or did you recharge your laptop computer in your student locker?

… did some of the city’s top restaurants line Washington and Tremont Street, or was the South End a hotspot for the jazz clubs?

… did an elevated train-line run down Washington Street, or did you ride the Silverline bus straight into downtown?