BUMC Y Drive Migration Schedule

As part of Boston University’s Next Generation storage project, IS&T is upgrading BUMC’s Network File Storage (Y Drive) services to a new hardware platform. This work was originally scheduled to happen in April but delayed due to the pandemic.

On Thursdays between the hours of 2-6:30 a.m. the following BUMC Y Drive locations will be unavailable on the dates below while they are migrated.

Share name All department, personal, and project folders under Migration Date
BUSM \\ad.bu.edu\bumcfiles\BUSM 11/19/2020
GMS \\ad.bu.edu\bumcfiles\GMS 11/19/2020
NEIDL \\ad.bu.edu\bumcfiles\NEIDL 12/03/2020

Please let the BUMC IT Service Desk know if this will disrupt any planned work for your department and we can look into other options. Answers to other questions and an option for read-only access is available at the BUMC Y Drive Migration 2020 website.

There is nothing you or your department needs to do to prepare for this migration. We only ask you to verify your network drives are connected to \\ad.bu.edu\bumcfiles rather than \\bumc-y.bu.edu. The latter will not work after the migration. On Macs, it should be smb:\\ad.bu.edu\bumcfiles.

For any questions before or difficulties after the migration, the BUMC IT Service Desk can be reached at bumchelp@bu.edu or 617-358-1111 option 3.