Parking and Transportation Services for President’s Day

The President’s Day holiday will be celebrated on Monday, Feb. 19. The following schedule and services will be in effect:

Shuttles: No shuttles will be operating on President’s Day. This includes the HealthNet shuttle.
Boston University’s (TheBUS) shuttle will not run its weekday schedule but will run its Late Night service along the Charles River Campus in the evening.

MBTA: Commuter rail trains will operate on a Saturday schedule. The subway and buses will operate on a Saturday schedule EXCEPT the Crosstown buses which will NOT operate on the holiday. For additional information on routes and schedules, please call the MBTA Customer Service Center at 617-222-3200 or visit

Parking: All Parking facilities will be open. Drivers with 610 Garage access may park in the 710 Garage or the DOB Garage on the holiday. Those who do not have garage access may park in the 710 Garage or the DOB garage for a flat rate fee of $8.

If you have any questions regarding this holiday schedule, please call the TranSComm Office at 617-638-7473 or the Parking Office at 617-638-4915.