Magnetic Resonance Spec.

The cardiovascular magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging suite houses state-of-the-art Bruker electron paramagnetic and nuclear magnetic resonance (EPR) and (NMR) spectrometer systems.

The wide-bore 500 MHz NMR instrument is multi-functional, with six probes and magic angle spinning and imaging accessories. Capabilities include: (i) high resolution solution-state determination of protein structure; (ii) high resolution in vivo studies with small animals; (iii) magic angle spinning analysis of liquid-crystalline and crystalline phases in membranes and biological tissues; and (iv) imaging of tissue (ex vivo) and small animals (in vivo). Almost all known NMR experiments can be performed on this instrument, and technical assistance will be available for most applications.

The EPR spectrometer is equipped with a 10-inch magnet, variable temperature control, and microwave bridges for analysis of chemical and biological samples.

Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine