Dual Imaging Microscopy

Dual Imaging Microscopy Center

In this facility we have a two photon scanning confocal microscope, constructed in house in collaboration with the laboratory of Peter So of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The light source is a diode laser pumped titanium sapphire laser. This system will acquire fluorescent images at high resolution and moderate frame rates (512×512, 1 frame every 10 seconds, 256×256 1 frame every 2.5 seconds). The two photon system is ideal for high resolution 3D imaging of cells in that out of focus portions of the cell or sample are not excited by the light source so descanning is not necessary and the out of focus regions are also not subject to photobleaching. Fluorescence emission can be separated based on wavelength into three channels, each with separate photomultiplier tubes, so that images at different wavelengths can be acquired simultaneously.

We have also developed and are presently modifying an experimental multipoint two photon scanning system which makes use of a unique high speed low noise camera built in collaboration with the Advanced Imaging Technology Group at Lincoln Laboratory. This system allows 128×128 images to be acquired at frame rates up to 640 frames per second. This low-noise high-speed camera can also be used to acquire wide-field images using either laser or arc lamp illumination.

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