Selected Publications

Alejandro Gutierrez, Hui Feng, Donna S. Neuberg, Oscar Calzada, Yi Zhou, David M. Langenau, and A. Thomas Look. Loss of function p53 mutations do not accelerate the onset of Myc-induced T-ALL in the zebrafish. 2014. Brit. J. Heamatol. (Accepted)

Nicole M. Anderson, Itrat Harrold, Marc R. Mansour, Takaomi Sanda, Michael McKeown, Nicholas Nagykary, James E. Bradner, Guang Lan Zhang, A.Thomas Look and Hui Feng. 2013. BCL2-specific inhibitor ABT-199 synergizes strongly with cytarabine against the early immature LOUCY cell line but not more differentiated T-ALL cell lines.  Leukemia (Accepted). ¶equal contribution.

Jessica S.Blackburn, Sali Liu, David M. Raiser, Sarah A. Martinez, Hui Feng, Nathan D. Meeker, Jeffery Gentry, Donna Neuberg, A Thomas Look, Sridhar Ramaswamy, Andre Bernards, Nikolaus S. Trede, David M Langenau. 2012. Notch signaling expands a pre-malignant pool of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia clones without affecting leukemia-propagating cell frequency. Leukemia. (In press)

Shizhen Zhu, Jeong-Soo Lee, Feng Guo, Jimann Shin, Antonio R. Perez-Atayde, Jeffery L. Kutok,Scott J. Rodig, Donna S. Neuberg, Daniel Helman, Hui Feng, Rodney A. Stewart, Wenchao Wang, Rani E. George, John P. Kanki, A. Thomas Look. 2012. Activated ALK Collaborates with MYCN in Neuroblastoma Pathogenesis, Cancer Cell. 21(3):362-73. PMCID: PMC3315700.

Alejandro Gutierrez, Ruta Grebliunaite, Hui Feng, Elena Kozakewich, Shizhen Zhu, Feng Guo, Elspeth Payne, Marc Mansour, Suzanne E. Dahlberg, Donna S. Neuberg, Jeroen den Hertog, Edward V. Prochownik, Joseph R. Testa, Marian Harris, John P. Kanki, and A. Thomas Look. 2011. Pten Mediates Myc Oncogene Dependence in a Conditional Zebrafish Model of T-ALL. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 208(8):1595-603.

Hui Feng, David L. Stachura, Richard M. White, Alejandro Gutierrez, Lu Zhang, Takaomi Sanda, Cicely A. Jette, Joseph R. Testa, Donna S. Neuberg, David M. Langenau, Jeffery L. Kutok, Leonard I. Zon, David Traver, Mark D. Fleming, John P. Kanki, A. Thomas Look. 2010. T-Lymphoblastic Lymphoma Cells Expres High Levels of BCL2, S1P1 and ICAM1 Leading to a Blockade of Tumor Cell Intravasation. Cancer Cell. 18: 353-366, PMCID: PMC3003429. (With News and Reviews in Cancer Cell. 18:297-299 and Science. 330: 891).

Dimple R. Bosu, Hui Feng, Kyoengwoo Min, Youngjo Kim, Matthew R. Wallenfang, and Edward T. Kipreos. 2010. C. elegans CAND-1 regulates cullin neddylation, cell proliferation and morphogenesis in specific tissues. Developmental Biology. 346(1):113-26, PMCID: PMC2955628.

Jennifer Freeman, Craig Ceol, Hui Feng, David M. Langenau, Cassandra Belair, Howard M. Stern, Anhua Song, Barry H. Paw, A. Thomas Look, Yi Zhou, Leonard I. Zon, Charles Lee. 2008. Construction and Application of a Zebrafish Array CGH Platform. Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer48(2):155-70, PMCID: PMC2605212.

Hui Feng, David M. Langenau, Jennifer A. Madge, Andre Quinkertz, Alejandro Gutierrez, Donna S. Neuberg, John P. Kanki, A Thomas Look. 2007. Heat-shock induction of T-cell lymphoma/leukemia in conditional Cre/lox-regulated transgenic zebrafish. British Journal of Hematology 138(2):169-75.

Jihyun Kim, Hui Feng, Edward T. Kipreos. 2007. C. elegans CUL-4 prevents re-replication by promoting the nuclear export of CDC-6 via a CKI-1-dependent pathway. Current Biology 17(11):966-72, PMCID: PMC1945017.

David M. Langenau, Hui Feng, Stephane Berghmans, John P. Kanki, Jeffery L. Kutok, and A. Thomas Look. 2005. Cre/lox-regulated Transgenic Zebrafish Model with Conditional myc-induced T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences102(17):6068-6073, PMCID: PMC1087915.

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Hui Feng, Weiwei Zhong, George Punkosdy, Subin Gu, Liang Zhou, Erin K. Seabolt, and Edward T. Kipreos. 1999. CUL-2 is required for the G1-to-S phase transition and mitotic chromosome condensation in Caenorhabditis elegans. Nature Cell Biology 1: 486-492.