Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Faculty with research interests in areas of cardiovascular function come from the departments of Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Medicine, and Physiology & Biophysics.

They tackle some of the largest problems in the field today using sophisticated technologies to probe the molecular organization and interaction of lipids and proteins in plasma lipoproteins, vascular regeneration during injury or atherosclerosis, mechanisms of calcium signaling that provide vascular tone, how vascular risk factors contribute to the response of smooth muscle cells, the role of inflammation in thrombosis, the delivery of biomaterials to injured tissue, and the signal transduction systems that alter the transcription of genes which control the abnormal growth of cells.

Boston University is the home of the Whitaker Cardiovascular Institute whose research advances in hypertension and vascular disease are world famous for changing the face of medical treatment.  BU is also the home of the famous Framingham Study that began in 1948, dedicated to identifying the common factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease by following its development over a long period of time in a large group of participants.