High-Throughput In Vitro Electrophysiology

HTEP Work Station


The Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology uses high-throughput in vitro electrophysiology (HTEP) to investigate the receptor targets of drugs.


Oocytes from Xenopus laevis frogs are microinjected with cRNAs of desired NMDAR or GABAA receptor subunits.  Recordings from these oocytes are then conducted using our HTEP system.


PHS NMDA Dose Response Curve

The above figure is a representative dose-response curve showing the effects of the synthetic neuroactive steroid Pregnenolone Hemisuccinate (PHS) on NMDA receptors containing different NR2 subunits.

Sugunan K, Downing S, Gibbs TT, Farb, DH. Pregnanolone Hemisuccinate Inhibits NMDA Receptors with Selectivity for the NR1A/2A Subtype. Abstract 812. Experimental Biology 2013. April 20-24, 2013, Boston, MA

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