Joyce Y. Wong, Ph.D.

JOYCE Y. WONG, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests:

Dr. Wong’s main research interest is in the development of new biomaterials that interact with living cells in novel ways. She is interested in questions relating to biocompatibility and control of cellular behavior at the cell-material interface for drug delivery and tissue engineering applications. Her approach includes direct measurement of physicochemical interactions between biological molecules and model biomembrane systems. Dr. Wong’s research uses a combination of approaches from materials science and engineering, polymer science and polymer physics, colloid and surface science, cell culture, and biophysics.

Wong, J.Y., Z. Weng, S.K. Moll, S.K. Kim, and C.T. Brown, “Identification and validation of a novel cell-recognition site (KNEED) on the 8th type III domain of fibronectin”. Biomaterials (in press)

Jeppesen, C., Wong, J. Y., Kuhl, T. L., Israelachvili, J. N., Mullah, N., Zalipsky, S. & Marques, C. M. “Impact of polymer tether length on multiple ligand-receptor bond formation,” Science (2001), 293: 465-468. [abstract]

Wong, J.Y., Kuhl, T.L., Israelachvili, J.N., Mullah, N., Zalipsky, S., “Direct measurement of tethered ligand-receptor interaction potential,” Science, 275:820-822, (1997). [abstract]

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