Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
Boston University School of Medicine

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Summary Table (Species: Dog, Weight: 16.5, 18.0 kg)
I. Order of elimination kinetics _____ – order
II. Elimination half-life _____ min
III. Apparent volume of distribution ___ liters
in 16.5 kg dog
_____ liters/kg
IV. Vd in relation to body fluid compartments _____% body weight
_____body fluid volume
V. Gastrointestinal absorption:
oral bioavailability _____ %
rapidity of absorption
VI. Cumulative percent of dose excreted in urine
i.v. route _____ %
p.o. route _____ %
VII. Renal clearance of chloramphenicol _____ ml/min
VIII. Mechanisms of renal clearance of chloramphenicol _____
IX. Relationship between renal clearance and urinary pH _____
X. Total clearance _____ ml/min
XI. Renal clearance of chloramphenicol glucuronide 96.3 ml/min
Cumulative % of dose excreted in urine as chloramphenicol glucuronide:
i.v. route 60 %
p.o. route 55 %
Major mechanism of elimination of chloramphenicol glucuronide _____