Graduation Timeline

For Ph.D. and M.D/Ph.D. Students

I. Laboratory Rotations – First year

II. Qualifying Exam – End of second year for Ph.D./End of first year for M.D./Ph.D.

III. Dissertation

A. Progress Report Seminar – (Must occur at least one year before pre-defense)

B.  Approval of Outline

C.  Approval of Abstract

D. Approval of Dissertation by First and Second Reader

E. Distribution of Dissertation to Defense Committee – (At least two weeks prior to pre-defense meeting)

F. Pre-Defense Meeting (at least three weeks before Dissertation Defense Seminar)

G. Approval for Scheduling Defense

H. Final Dissertation Defense

I. Student Passes Dissertation Defense

Approved Dissertation Submitted to Department – three copies

J.  Division is notified that student passes Dissertation Requirements

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