Faculty-Boston Medical Center’s Mallory Institute of Pathology



Daniel G. Remick, MD, Chair and Professor, BUSM.


Michael J. O’Brien, MD, MPH, Chief, Anatomic Pathology, Professor,BUSM; GI and liver disease.


Carl J. O’Hara, MD, Chief, Laboratory Medicine and Hematopathology, Professor, BUSM.


Christopher Andry, PhD,  Executive Director,  Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Vice Chair for Operations and Management, Associate Professor BUSM.

Dr. Dalelle Ivana

Ivana Delalle, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, BUSM (Research AND Clinical Staff).


David W. Kindelberger, MD, Director, Residency Program, Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology; Associate Professor, BUSM.

Miller[2013]Nancy S Miller, MD, Medical Director, Clinical Microbiology and Molecular Medicine, Associate Professor, BUSM


Shi Yang, MD, Director, Molecular Pathology; Associate Professor, BUSM.

Dr. Raveen Basran

Raveen Basran , PhD, Molecular Genetics, Assistant Professor, BUSM



Dr. Cerda

Sandra Cerda, MD, Director, Cytopathology and Cytology Fellowship, Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology; Assistant Professor, BUSM


Dr. Shu-Ling FanShu-Ling Fan, PhD, Associate Director Chemistry Laboratory, Assistant Professor, BUSM



Joel M. Henderson, MD, PhD, renal pathology, Assistant Professor, BUSM


John Cho Lee, MD, Medical Director Clinical Hematology, Assistant Professor, BUSM


Dr. Pistey Robert

Robert W. Pistey, MD, surgical pathology and cytopathology, Clinical Assistant Professor, BUSM.

Dr. Sarita Reyes, Carmen

Carmen Sarita-Reyes, MD, Anatomic Pathology, Assistant Professor, BUSM.

Josenia Tan (Joy)_2014

Josenia Narcisa Tan, MD, Associate Chief of Laboratory Medicine, Assistant Professor, BUSM.


Dr. Qing Grace zhao

Qing (Grace) Zhao, MD, PhD, Director, Surgical Pathology, Surgical Pathology;  Assistant Professor, BUSM

Dr. Thomad Maher

Thomas Maher, MS, Lab Manager, Molecular Genetics, Instructor, BUSM.