Patricia Kao

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  • September 2008 – present:            PhD  Program – Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA
    • Dr. Ivana Delalle Lab – Advisor
  • 2007:                                                   M.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences Western University of Health Sciences
  • 2005:                                                   B.S. Biology, Minor Business Administration University of California, Riverside


Studying the neuropathology in human Alzheimer’s Disease brains


Poster Presentations

  • 2010: Poster Presentation (accepted): Society for Neuroscience, San Diego, California;  November 2010 Patricia F. Kao, Charles Vanderburg, Ann McKee, Sudha Seshadri and Ivana Delalle. Tissue markers of brain reserve during Alzheimer’s disease (AD) progression
  • 2010: Poster Presentation (accepted)17th International Conference of Neuropathology, Salzburg, Austria; September 2010 Patricia F. Kao, David A. Davis, Charles Vanderburg, and Ivana Delalle. Capzb2 is specifically increased in the hippocampi of patients diagnosed with mid-stage non-familial Alzheimer’s disease.
  • 2008: 8th Annual Rachmiel Levine Diabetes Symposium, Newport Beach, California Poster Presentation, January 2008 Lam Ho, Emily Zebadua, Patricia Kao, Tania Urrutia, Chris Orr, Kevin Ferreri, Fouad Kandeel, and Willem Kuhtreiber. Secretion of Injury Factors by Human Islets After Isolation and Hypoxia
  • 2007: 94th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Immunologists. Miami Beach, Florida
  • 2007: Poster Presentation, May 2007 Patricia F. Kao, Eric K. Gupta, and Stephen A. O’Barr. Atorvastatin Treatment Decreases Amyloid beta and TNF-alpha levels in Alzheimer’s disease transgenic mice
  • 2006: 10th International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders. Madrid, Spain Poster Presentation, July 2006 Patricia F. Kao, James J. Schultz, Bruce T. Lamb and Stephen A. O’Barr. Thyroid Hormone Treatment Decreases Amyloid-beta Levels in Brain of Transgenic Mice


  1. “Modulators of cytoskeletal reorganization in CA1 hippocampal neurons show increased expression in patients at  mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease” by Kao PF,  Davis DA, Banigan MG, Vanderburg CR, Seshadri S, and Delalle I,   PLoSOne, October 2010
  2. Charles R. Vanderburg, David A. Davis, Rachel E. Diamond, Patricia F. Kao, and Ivana Delalle. Capzb2 protein expression in the brains of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and Huntington’s Disease. Translational Neuroscience 1(1) 2010: 55-58.


  • Society for Neuroscience
  • January 2010- present


  • September 2009- present: NIH Training Grant T32 AG000-115-21


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