Bohdana Burke MD

Academic Title – Assistant Professor

Contact Information

  • Email –

Education/Training –

Masaryk/Purkinje University Brno , Czech Republic

Research Interests –

  • Breast Cancer, Gastrointestinal Pathology

Professional Experience -

  • Pathology Dept., McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
  • GI Research Lab., Mallory Institute of Pathology, BUSM, Boston, MA

Publications -

  1. A Distinct Spectrum of Pathology is Associated with KRAS Mutations in Serrated Polyp Neoplasia Pathways. J. Robbins, Y. Yang, H. Xu, B. Burke, C. Mack, C. Huang, F.A. Farraye, M.J. O’Brien Lab. Invest., 87(1):128A, 2007
  2. Mammography Misses Lobular Carcinoma with Homogeneous Tumor Cell Distribution: A target for New Screening Techniques. F. Chaves, B. Burke, A. de las Morenas Lab. Invest. 87(1):27A, 2007
  3. APC Mutation Frequency and Nuclear Beta Catenin Expression inKRAS Mutated Conventional and Serrated Colorectal Adenomas. H. Xu, S. Yang, B. Burke, S. Duhon, S. Cerda, C. Shepherd, D.W. Rosenberg, D. Pleau, M.J. O’Brien Mod. Path., 2008:21(Suppl),p. 140A, #641
  4. Ki67, p53, BCL2 and E-cadherin Expression in Salivary Gland Tumors. D. Sundararajan, S. Arya, G. Gallagher, B. Burke, L. Haydt, A. de las Morenas USDAP Boston, March 2009. (Poster)
  5. Gene Expression Abnormalities in Histologically Normal Breast Epithelium of Breast Cancer Patients. A. Tripathi, C. King, A. de las Morenas, V.K. Perry, B. Burke,  G.A. Antoine, E.F. Hirsch, M. Kavanah, J. Mendez, M. Stone, N.P. Gerry, E.L. Marc, C.L. Rosenberg International J. of Cancer. 18187558 (Published on line 30. Nov. 2007)