Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items – April 2018

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May 10th, 2018

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine News Items – April 2018


    • Dr. Israa Laklouk had a poster/abstract presentation in April at the 1st Annual BUMC Health Equity Symposium (HES) at the Boston University Medical Campus- School of Medicine in Hiebert Lounge.  “Impact of Racial and Ethnic Differences on the Accurate Classification of Thyroid Nodules Using ThyroSeq Next Generation Sequencing” Israa Laklouk MD, Cecilia Ponchiardi MD, David Kindelberger MD, Sandra Cerda MD

    • This is the same abstract that was awarded with a Mallory funding grant this month

        • On Behalf of Dr. Barbara Slack, Pathology Department Russek Awards Committee: I am pleased to announce that this year’s H.I. Russek Student Achievement Award recipients in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine are:
        • First Prize –  Gregory Hall, PhD Candidate (Advisor: Deborah Stearns-Kurosawa)

              • Second Prize – Timothy Norman, PhD Candidate (Advisor: Alan Fine)

                  • Congratulations to the award winners, and thank you to everyone who submitted abstracts for the poster session. Russek Day will be held on Thursday, May 10th in the Hiebert Lounge (L building, 14th floor). The keynote speaker this year will be Dr. Rudolf Jaenisch, Professor of Biology at MIT’s  Whitehead Institute. Posters will be available for viewing throughout the day, and slide presentations by the first-prize winners will take place in the afternoon. I hope everyone will be able to atten

                          • Dr. Ivana Delalle has received an invitation to present her research on biomarkers for neurodegeneration at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine on May 16, 2018
                                • Publications ACCEPTED:
                                • Adams SL, Benayoun L, Tilton K, Mellot TJ, Seshadri S, Blusztajn JK, and Delalle I. : “Immunohistochemical analysis of Activin Receptor-Like Kinase 1 (ACVRL1/ALK1) expression in the rat and human hippocampus: decline in CA3 during progression of Alzheimer’s disease  Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease