Syllabus Initiative

The purpose of a syllabus is to provide a summary of the course/clerkship, to list the course/clerkship expectations (goal, learning objectives, assignments, grading), and to locate the course/clerkship within the curriculum (didactic session schedule). The Syllabus Initiative involves a course/clerkship template to promote similar syllabi formatting for curriculum management (entry into CurrMIT and e*Value curriculum databases) and to ease student evaluations of courses/clerkships. The components of the templates are recommendations for sequencing of the syllabus information and the content is yours to decide.  You can add to the suggested sections.

Contact Gail March, Ph.D., at or 617-414-7440 if you have any questions or need administrative help to reformat your syllabus.

Deadline for formatting the course/clerkship syllabi:  Before printing or Blackboard posting of the syllabus and before the start of your course/clerkship.


For Course Syllabus template:  Course Syllabus Template2014-2015


For Clerkship Syllabus template:   ClerkshipSyllabusTemplate2014-15