OME/OAA Medical Education Grant

Office of Medical Education/Office of Academic Affairs

Request for Medical Education Grant Proposals

2014-2015 Academic Year

Deadline for Submission:  August 1st, 2014

To promote innovation in instructional design among courses at BUSM, the Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Medical Education, is piloting a grant program for course directors.  In recognition of the need to more actively engage learners, we are seeking proposals from BUSM-1 and -2 course directors to redesign their course delivery to move away from passive lecture models and adopt more interactive methods of teaching.   We are particularly interested in proposals using flipped, or team-based, or other interactive educational approaches while also enhancing curricular integration.  

In recognition that modifying a course to meet these goals requires investment, this program will provide support for a range of needs, including IT, audiovisual, faculty development, consulting, and other relevant expenses.  For this pilot year, we are seeking proposals from BUSM 1 and BUSM 2 course directors.  

Proposals for the second year curriculum, if proposing changes to DRx, would be expected to be of a scale commensurate with the funding requested (ie, if maximum funding requested, proposal would be expected to span or impact multiple modules).  Proposals must be submitted by 5pm on August 1, 2014, by email to Dr. Wiecha (  Proposals will be reviewed by a committee, and the award decision announced by September 1st   This year, one proposal will be selected.

Criteria for selection will include:

·      Need

·      Scope

·      Potential impact

·      Feasibility

·      Degree to which proposal addressed goals of program (promotion of interactive instruction design and integration)

·      Sustainability

The awardee will have one year of development work, commencing with AY 2014-15, followed by implementation of the new instructional model in AY 15-16.     This year, the award will be a total maximum of $20,000 of which $1500 will be paid to the course director as an overbase payment in (partial) recognition of the effort required for a project like this. The remaining $18,500 is available for activities as described above.  Use of funds for support of faculty time is not the purpose of this award.   If successful, we are hopeful that this program will continue to stimulate and support educational innovations at BUSM.    We also reserve the option of requesting clarification/revisions of proposals as well as no award if appropriate proposals are not submitted.   Please direct questions to Dr. Wiecha (

Please submit no more than 3-5 pages addressing these elements by August 1st to Dr. Wiecha at

·      Course name

·      Course  or Module Director(s)

·      Background information

·      Goals

·      Description of proposed instructional innovation (please be specific- including need to be meet, rationale for proposed approach, evidence in the literature for support of your approach (if it exists- not necessarily required), potential for positive impact on enhancing interactivity in the classroom and integration of content vertically and/or horizontally, any related preliminary work or experience)

·      Potential obstacles and how you plan to overcome these

·      Plans for evaluation of outcomes

·      Timeline

·      Budget

·      Plan for sustainability after implementation year

Please include Chair letter of support, including statement of support for the proposed project, commitment to the department if the project is selected, and support for the sustainability plan.