CFA Educator of the Year Award

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One pre-clinical faculty member nominated by medical students
One clinical faculty member nominated by medical students
One faculty member nominated by masters program students
One faculty member nominated by doctoral program students

Awards in 2015 will be given to outstanding educators in the areas of: 1) pre-clinical medical sciences, medical program; 2) clinical sciences, medical program, 3) the graduate sciences, masters programs; and 4) the graduate sciences, doctoral programs. The recipients should be characterized by their excellence in teaching, mentoring and devotion to students.

History of the Educator of the Year Awards: 

In 1999, the Committee on Faculty Affairs (CFA) of Boston University School of Medicine determined that the many excellent educators on the faculty of BUSM deserved recognition for their dedicated efforts to educate the students of BUSM at the highest level possible. Furthermore, the CFA determined that such recognition was most relevant if initiated by the students and affirmed by faculty peers. The “CFA EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR” awards were established to recognize, honor and reward BUSM faculty who give special effort to ensure the best education for BUSM students.


All BUSM faculty who teach in any course or courses in the four categories identified above are eligible for these awards.  Nominees must have an appointment as a faculty member at Boston University School of Medicine.

BUSM faculty members are eligible for the Graduate Sciences Award, based on their educational excellence as dissertation or thesis research advisors.

A CFA Educator of the Year Award cannot be given to a faculty member two years in sequence (regardless of the course or area of instruction previously recognized). Nominees who have never won an Educator of the Year Award will have preference provided that all else is equal.

A faculty member cannot win more than one Educator of the Year Award in a given academic year.

These awards will be separate from any other teaching awards. That is, a member of the faculty could receive an Educator of the Year Award in addition to other BUSM awards during the same year.

There will be only one Educator of the Year Award per teaching area per annual graduation.


The nomination form is available at the link below. Nominations will be accepted from all BUSM medical students and all Division of Graduate Medical Sciences students. Each student may nominate only one faculty member in a category.  Medical students may nominate both a pre-clinical and a clinical faculty member.

Composition of Award Committee:

The Award Committee will be composed of two faculty and one student from each of the following areas of instruction:

  • pre-clinical medical sciences,
  • clinical medicine,
  • the graduate sciences master’s program
  • the graduate sciences doctoral program

Award winners of the previous year will be automatically invited to participate on the Committee. The remaining faculty members will be selected to serve on the Committee at a meeting of the CFA. The Chair of the Committee will be selected from amongst the six faculty members by the chair of the CFA. Student representatives will be selected by the Chairperson of the Award Committee (generally based on first response to a call for volunteers).

Evaluation Criteria:

Nominations will be separately considered based on identified area of instruction. Recommendations for each area will be determined separately. The nominations will be evaluated and ranked based on a combination of the following criteria (highest priority listed first):

  • The quality of nominations as determined by the nomination statement.
  • The number of nominations.
  • Other (including the proviso that a nominee who has never won an Educator of the Year Award will have greater priority, provided that all else is equal; a nominee who has a full-time faculty appointment will have greater priority, provided that all else is equal).

The Committee may seek additional information from appropriate course directors when necessary. The Award Committee will forward all recommendations to the CFA for final approval.

Awards and Presentations:

Each award will consist of a plaque (to be kept by the award recipients) and an honorarium of one thousand dollars. Awards will be presented by the Dean at the May graduation ceremonies.


Students will be reminded periodically by email to submit nominations by a March deadline. Nominations received after the March deadline will be considered the following year.

Initial solicitation of nominations February
Selection meeting Mid March
Final Approval by CFA CFA meeting first Monday in April
Presentation of Awards May Graduation.

If you would like to nominate a faculty member for CFA Educator of the Year, please click here.