Trainer Cycle #3: Kiev

Report on Kiev Train-the-Trainer Course

Course Dates: October 9-14, 2000

Course Type: Train-the-Trainer

Venue: Regional EMS Training Center of the Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Center of Emergency and Disaster Medicine, Kiev, Ukraine

General Summary: This train-the-trainer course began the third and final training phase of the RER/9/049 five-year project. Thirty-four course participants were recruited from 17 nations, some from existing American International Health Alliance sponsored regional training centers in Almaty, Khazakstan; Donetsk and Lviv, Ukraine; Minsk, Belarus; Tashkent, Uzbekistan; Tbilisi, Georgia; and Vladivostok, Russian Federation, as well as from other IAEA member states.

The course had two objectives, to train the participants in the core concepts of radiation emergency preparedness and in addition, provide teacher training so participants could deliver additional courses in their own countries. This course will be followed by two more courses in which selected participants (and others previously trained) will be invited to teach.

The course met its dual objectives and was carried out in a professional manner in excellent facilities.

Course Organization and Schedule: The course covered the topics in five days with a sixth (optional) day at the Chernobyl Museum where, in addition to the Museum visit, a lecture on the nuclear reactor cycle was offered.

Practical Exercises: A drill was carried out. It gave participants the flavor of a simulation and some practical training time but in two hours could not really cover the concept of preparedness. In light of this observation, IAEA is planning to run a workshop on how to prepare, conduct and evaluate drills and exercises to which each of these countries will be invited to send representatives.

Faculty: Eleven persons who had been trained in previous years of this program, who had had several opportunities to conduct teaching in their own countries and/or attend other program events, comprised the faculty for this course. They were assisted by the program’s senior faculty, Drs. Erwin Hirsch and Robert Ricks, as well as by the IAEA technical officer, Dr. Istvan Turai. The list of eleven faculty members follows with their previous program involvement:

 Anna Boshyan, MD  Oak Ridge, Yerevan, Metzamor, Tbilisi, Budapest, Harmony I
Gayane Khachatryan, MD/PhD  Oak Ridge, Yerevan, Harmony I
Karapet Stepanyan Oak Ridge, Yerevan, Harmony I
Rein Paberit, MD Oak Ridge, Moscow, Tallinn, Harmony I
Ellen Vosumaa, MD   Oak Ridge, Moscow, Tallinn, Harmony I
Gheorghe Ciobanu, MD, PhD Oak Ridge, Yerevan, Chisinau, Harmony I
Luka Zhardan, MD. PhD  Oak Ridge, Yerevan, Chisinau, Harmony I
Gennadiy Frolov, MD/PhD Moscow, Harmony I
Olga Bobyljova, MD/PhD Oak Ridge, Moscow, Harmony I, Kiev (1998)
Oleg Mazurenko, MD  Oak Ridge, Moscow, Kiev (1998), Budapest, Harmony I
Georgiy Roshchin, MD  Oak Ridge, Moscow, Kiev (1998), Harmony I

Participants: Thirty-four individuals were recruited by American International Health Alliance from existing regional EMS training centers (21 persons) and by IAEA from national radiation authorities of member states (12 persons). Of this number 31 persons attended.

Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine