Ongoing Courses

Much of the training program has taken place in community-based regional EMS (Emergency Medical Service) training centers. The centers were established in the early 90s, prior to the introduction of this curriculum. Below are photos taken during a national seminar held in Moldova in May 1999, one year after the Chisinau Regional EMS Training Center had first hosted the course.
In the photo, instructors are simulating emergency response to a radiation accident that occurred during transport of radioactive material.












Per the train-the-trainer model, the number of medical providers trained under the program has increased to approximately 466 persons as of November 2000. The instructor cadre has increased to 68 individuals, up from 29, and has delivered the course 12 times after the initial monitored instance (as in photo above). The Yerevan faculty taught the course in the training center once, at the Metzamor Hospital (a first-responder facility in case of accident at the Metzamor nuclear power plant) twice and aided colleagues at the Tbilisi center to initiate their own course. The Moscow and Tallinn centers taught the course once and the Chisinau and Kiev centers twice. Courses also have been delivered at the Hungarian National Defense University.

Primary teaching affiliate
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