“What’s Going On Here?” A Problem-Solving Course for Boston HS Students

A Problem-Based Medical Preview Course for Students in the BAHEC Y²HC Summer Program

What’s Going On Here?

This course will give you a chance to be on the doctor’s side of things as you “see” patients. The course will be based on real cases seen at Boston Medical Center. As you and your classmates discuss these cases, you will try to figure out what is going on with your patients from several sources- what they tell you, what you know of their family, work and background, and what you find out when you examine them. You will get the results of blood samples sent to the lab for tests and consult a specialist if you need to. You will get to use stethoscopes and learn to take blood pressures. Once you have figured out what is wrong (and right) with your patients you will get to figure out how to manage their care. The central objective is not to “get the right answer” but to help high school students think about the many aspects of human health and what the doctor’s role is.

The course will be fun and hard work. You will be doing research on what you think is going on, and you will learn to present your research to your fellow students. Your teachers will help you with their own experience, with role plays, and with field trips.

The course will be taught by Boston University Medical School students and will be directed by Dr. Peter Shaw, Director of the BU AHEC and Associate Professor of Family Medicine.

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