Professional Development Team

Emelia Benjamin

Emelia J. Benjamin, MD, ScM
Assistant Provost for Faculty Development

Emelia J. Benjamin, MD, ScM, FACC, FAHA, received her undergraduate degree at Harvard, her MD at Case Western Reserve University, and her Master’s in Epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health. She is a Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Boston University and is a clinical cardiologist at Boston Medical Center. She is author of over 400 peer-reviewed publications that focus on the on the genetics, epidemiology, and prognosis of a variety of cardiovascular conditions and markers including atrial fibrillation, echocardiographic findings, vascular function and systemic inflammation. She is multi-Principal Investigator on 2RO1 grants [2R01HL092577 and HL128914], and PI of the education and training core to the AHA-Tobacco Regulation and Addiction Center  [1P50HL120163], and Co-PI the Framingham Heart Study.

Dr. Benjamin volunteers for the NIH and professional organizations. She has served as a Chartered member of the NIH Cardiovascular and Sleep Epidemiology Study Section. She has volunteered for the American Heart Association (AHA) since 1992, serving on a variety of local and national Committees. She is Past-Chair of the AHA’s Functional Genomics and Translational Biology Council and Study Section. She was the 2015 recipient of the AHA’s Paul Dudley White Award. Currently she serves as Chair of the national AHA Cardiovascular Epidemiology Council’s, Statistics Committee.

Dr. Benjamin serves as Assistant Provost for Faculty Development for Boston University Medical Campus, and as Vice Chair for Faculty Development and Diversity. A committed mentor, she has won local and national awards for her mentoring of early career investigators.


Robina M. Bhasin, EdM
Director of Faculty Development

Robina M. Bhasin is the Director of Faculty Development for the Boston University Medical Campus. Since 2013 she has also served as the Director of Faculty Development & Diversity in the Department of Medicine at the BU School of Medicine. In these roles, she seeks to foster an inclusive and collaborative environment that supports the faculty in advancing their careers in ways that are personally meaningful, and that contribute to public health through excellence in education, research, and clinical care. In collaboration with her faculty development colleagues, Robina develops, implements, and evaluates longitudinal career development and mentoring programs for early and mid-career, and under-represented minority faculty members, provides individual career consultations for faculty, and contributes to improving faculty diversity and career flexibility policies and resources across the Boston University Medical Campus.

Robina has more than 13 years of experience in the development, implementation and evaluation of domestic and international professional development programs for health practitioners and educators. Before coming to Boston University Medical Campus, she designed and delivered interactive online trainings for the Center for Social Innovation in various fields that improve the practices of human service providers, including Critical Time Intervention (CTI), trauma-informed care, and understanding serious mental illness. From 2007 to 2011 she developed and implemented the curricula of the Center for Higher Education in the Middle East’s professional development programs for secondary school teachers in eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa, and in the United States. Prior to this, she coordinated capacity building meetings and trainings for doctors and Ministers of Health from post-conflict countries throughout the world, as a Research Assistant at the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma.

Robina holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Latin American Studies from Tufts University, and a Master’s degree in International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.