Physician led committees have been established to ensure the goals & objectives of the Strategic Plan are met. For more information or to volunteer to participate on the committee, contact the committee chair.


Enhance communication with BUMG members with a focus on building a cohesive culture.

 David Negron, DPM (Podiatry), Committee Co-Chair

Maypole-John-184x184John S. Maypole, MD (Pediatrics), Committee Co-Chair,


Create a sense of community and collegiality through social and educational   activities.

 Tracey Dechert, MD (Surgery), Committee Chair

Faculty Flexibility

Improve faculty flexibility to enhance work/life integration.

 Susannah Rowe, MD(Ophthalmology), Committee Co-Chair


Perkins-Elissa-184x184 Elissa Perkins, MD (Emergency Medicine) Committee Co-Chair

Professional Development

Improve and create new resources for professional development.

 Emelia Benjamin, MD, Committee Chair

Professional Standards

Establish professional and behavioral standards for physicians and other providers

kavanah-maureen-184x1841 Maureen Kavanah, MD, Committee Co-Chair

 Charlie Williams,MD, Committee Co-Chair