Comingled Recycling




Plastic Bottles and Containers (numbered 1 to 7)

Soda/Juice/Water Bottles (glass or plastic)

Milk Jugs, Bleach/Detergent, Shampoo Bottles

Food containers, Take-Out containers (cottage cheese/margarine/yogurt)

Glass bottles/Jars (any color)

Aluminum (pie plates/trays/foil)

Metal cans (tin/steel/aluminum)

Paper, white and colored (staples and paper clips are okay!)

Books and telephone books (paperback only)

Boxes (e.g. office supply boxes, cookie & cracker boxes, tissue boxes, etc.) Writing tablet backs.

Brochures, Catalogs and Flyers

Carbonless forms (NRC Paper)

Computer paper, Shredded paper

Envelopes (windows, labels are okay)

Fax paper, file folders, mail

Magazines, newspapers, and inserts

Paper bags, spiral notebooks


No plastic bags or food liners

No unmarked plastics such as laundry baskets, chairs and toys

No Window glass, mirrors, light bulbs

No Dishes, Pyrex, ceramics, foam packaging (“peanuts”), no Styrofoam

No Hazardous Material or Universal Waste

No recyclables containing Food Waste

No paper cups or plates

No tissue paper or paper towels

No hardbound books, large labels or label backings

No Plastic Wrap on overnight delivery envelopes such as Fed Ex

No Bubble Wrap

No carbon paper

No candy wrappers

No photographs

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