Recycling Program


Facilities Management is dedicated to our new recycling program along with the Sustainability Committee.

Request a recycling bin pickup

You can request a recycling bin or schedule a recycling bin pickup at this site. Or by calling Control at 8-4144.

Building List

Below is a listing of BU buildings on campus where we have recycling. Some have links with further information on recycling programs that are in place for that particular building.

560 & 580 Harrison Ave
610 Albany Street
670 Albany Street
710 Albany Street
A-Bldg (School of Medicine)
B-Bldg (Robinson)
E-Bldg (Evans)
G-Bldg (Goldman School of Dental Medicine)
Harrison Court
J-Bldg (Dermatology)
K-Bldg (Conte)
L-Bldg (Instructional Building, School of Medicine)
N-Bldg (Naval Blood)
R-Bldg (Research)
S-Bldg (801 Albany)
T-bldg (Talbot)
W-Bldg (CABR)
X-Bldg (EBRC)

We also have information we have received from Save that Stuff detailing the material we have recycled located here.


For more information regarding recycling opportunities, The Boston University Charles River Campus has an excellent recycling website with an abundance of information.

The Environmental Health and Safety Office website has information regarding recycling on the Medical Campus.

If you have any questions or have something you would like to see here, contact us at

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