Service Rates

♦ Service rates are an estimate.

These service rates provide a basic starting point to estimate the cost of a project. Please be aware that material and incidental costs may also be charged depending on the individual project.

♦ Contacting vendors directly is prohibited.

Please note that tenants of Boston University space may not directly contact outside vendors for services. All construction, repair, renovation, furniture relocation or purchasing, etc. must be coordinated through the Office of Facilities Management. This policy ensures that all construction, furniture, and other work meet code restrictions and provide an efficient use of building and personnel resources. If you have a question or concern regarding this policy, please contact our office.

♦ Please do not repair or relocate anything.

Please do not attempt to repair or relocate any furniture, equipment, or building infrastructure. All work must be coordinated by the Facilities Management office to ensure regulatory compliance and work quality.

♦ Some rates are below.

Listed below are some of the rates that are used to determine the cost of work orders.

Custodian $46.37 per hour
Mechanic $78.15 per hour
Groundsworker $54.96 per hour
Case of C-fold paper towels $22.00
Cost for a key $25.50*
Disposing of a refrigerator $20.00* move rate

* Rate is dependent upon time spent and number of items needed.

Moving- For large moves from one location on campus to another this should be scheduled with as much advanced notice as possible.  Please contact Jim Munroe ( or 638-4567).

*NOTE* For all moves using the red crates, there is a 10 day loan period. If they are not returned in 10 days, there will be a replacement charge for each crate used.

This section is still under construction, we apologize for any inconvenience.

NOTE : The Facilities office usually contracts to an outside vendor for painting services due to the high number of painting requests. Rates for an outside vendor are comparable to the rates of the Facilities office, but the vendor’s rates may vary according to the individual project.

ALSO, all keys that are cut by Facilities will be held for 1 month. If no one comes to retrieve their key, it will be destroyed and the person WILL be charged.

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