Work Requests


  • Please complete and submit a separate work request form for each type of work requested.
  • Please send all work request forms via inter-departmental mail to “Facilities”.
  • Click here to request a status update on a submitted work request.

What Is a Work Request Form?
How Do I Obtain Blank Work Request Forms?
How Do I Complete a Work Request Form?
What Are Special Items to Remember?
How Do I Schedule a Work Request?

1. What is a Work Request Form

A work request form is how employees and departments communicate special needs to the Office of Facilities Management. The Facilities office uses work request forms to schedule workers and to order appropriate supplies.

All special work needs must be initiated through a work request sent  to the Facilities office, using our online work order system where applicable.

The following are examples of special work needs that are commonly requested:

  • Cut a key
  • Construction of shelving, tables, or bookshelves
  • Fix a drawer or cabinet
  • Paint a room
  • Create a name plate
  • Install electrical or emergency power outlet
  • Connect freezers or other equipment to Control Center
  • Relocate furniture or equipment
  • Special cleaning

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2. How do I Obtain Blank Work Request Forms?

Everyone should be transitioning to our online system.  If you are a BMC employee without a BU login and Kerberos password, please contact the Facilities Management Office ( or  617-638-4211) to have blank work request forms sent to you.

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3. How do I Complete a Work Request Form?

  1. Complete all requested fields (date, contact information, work location, etc.)
    • The bldg, floor, and room fields must be completed with the actual work location, not the requestor’s location
  2. Provide the account to be charged
    • Work request forms without an account number cannot be processed
  3. Describe the work requested in the appropriate field
    • Use concise wording
    • Include any special instructions (such as contact information or scheduling)
  4. Obtain the proper authorization from your department

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4. What are Special Items to Remember?

  • Please fill out a different work request form for each task.
    • For example, complete one request for key cutting, a second one for building shelves, and third for making a name plate.
    • If different tasks must be performed by more than one type of worker, then you may assume that separate request forms are necessary for each task.
    • If you have a question or need clarification on this item, please contact our office.
  • The Office of Facilities Management does not execute on faxed work requests.
    • Faxed work request forms are simply kept on record.
    • Faxing a work request form will not speed the completion of your request.
  • Please use inter-departmental mail for all mailed work request submissions.
    • This method will ensure your work request is processed correctly.
    • Do not drop-off a work request form directly to the Facilities office.
    • Do not give a work request to a Facilities worker.

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5. How Do I Schedule a Work Request?

The completion of all requested work is scheduled based on demand and the availability of staff. The usual turn-around time for most work request forms is two weeks, but more involved or specialized projects may require additional time. If you have not been contacted about your work request in the two weeks after your mail-in date, please contact our office.

The Facilities office occasionally permits emergency or rush requests. However, we strongly discourage requesters from waiting until two or three days before a job must be completed to submit a work request form because we may be unable to schedule a person to complete your request.

Contacting Facilities about Work Request Forms

  • Request more forms for your office
  • Request a status update on a submitted work request

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