Notice: Holiday Decorations

Message from Environmental Health & Safety (EHS):

The holidays are upon us, a time when decorations of all types appear throughout the BUMC community.  To assure a safe and happy holiday season for all faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors, as well as, compliance with Boston Fire Department (BFD) regulations, it is important everyone keep the following in mind when decorating your departments/offices/areas:

  • If trees are to be used, only artificial trees are permitted. No natural evergreen trees, wreaths, boughs, laurel rope, plants, etc. may be used.
  • Decorations are prohibited in elevator lobbies, stairways, and any location(s) that obstruct exits or the visibility of exits.
  • No combustible or flammable decorations are allowed. All decorations must be non-combustible or flame-resistant with a certifying manufacturer tag.
  • Only Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approved lights may be used for lighting.
  • If strings or strands of lights are to be used, follow manufacturer’s guidelines for use.
  • Lighting is prohibited on metallic aluminum artificial trees.
  • Extension cords are prohibited.
  • Do not place decorations on doors, door frames, exit signs or other fire safety equipment, from sprinkler heads, or across ceilings.
  • Do not place decorations on doors or frames labeled as an EXIT or in a position that may obstruct the view of exit signs, fire extinguishers or fire alarm pull stations.
  • Do not place decorations that may obstruct free passage through corridors, hallways or exits. Do not place decorations on handrails.
  • Use of candles, “incense burners”, or any other type of open flame is prohibited.


Please do your part to assure a safe holiday season.  Managers and directors are responsible for their department’s adherence to these regulations.  EHS will monitor the facilities periodically throughout the holidays.  Facilities departments and EHS will remove any decorations deemed to be unsafe.


Please contact EHS at 638-8830 with any questions or concerns.

Thank you and happy holidays!

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