Room Use & Service Resource Scheduling Policy & Rates

Boston University Medical Campus (BUMC) incurs annual operating costs (e.g., utilities, cleaning, maintenance, furnishings, amortizing capital costs, etc.) for its instructional / event facilities.

These costs are funded by:

  • Budget allocation to the schools (BUSM, SDM, SPH) for Level 1- 3 activities, and
  • Room Rates assessed (to the department requesting the space) on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis for Level 4 activities.

External associations’ and organizations’ requests for use of instructional/event facilities must be made through a BUMC sponsoring department. The sponsoring department is responsible for coordination of the event and funding of the associated fees/costs.


Use of instructional / event space is classified as one of the following;

Level 1 Activities: BUMC curriculum (e.g., credit bearing courses, orientation/graduation for degree granting programs).

Level 2 Activities: Boston University non-curriculum educational activity (e.g., Dean’s events, faculty meetings, Admissions events, student services events, faculty workshops, educational committees, Grand Rounds).

Level 3 Activities: Support activities essential to the campus (e.g., Public Safety and Environmental Health & Safety training).

Level 4 Activities: Other Activities (e.g., Continuing Education events, BMC activities, internal meetings, symposia, seminars, training, conferences, and social gatherings).

Note: Medical Campus Administration may designate, at its discretion, a non-curricular activity as a Priority Level 1 activity, (e.g. disaster response).

Room Use & Service Resource Scheduling Policy & Rates
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