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Please visit: to download the Travel Advance Voucher Form and Travel and Business Expense Form.
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Travel Reimbursement Check-Off List

Before submitting your travel expense report to accounting, please review the following items:

  • Have you attached your original passenger receipt?
  • Have you attached all original receipts for items which are $25.00 or more? (e.g., car rental, hotel, meals, etc.)
  • Is your conference brochure or pamphlet attached?
  • Is your transportation economy class?
  • Are your original itemized car rental receipt and agreement attached?
  • Only the cost of the hotel room and room tax should be entered in the column marked lodging.
  • Any remaining reimbursable expenses on your hotel bill should be classified accordingly, on the travel expense report, in the columns marked ‘Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Other.’
  • Have you explained the business purpose and name of individuals other than yourself, for whom you have incurred expenses while on this trip?
  • Have you separated alcoholic beverages or other expenses not allowable for grants or indirect (facilities and administrative) costs?
  • Have the traveler, the authorized signature other than the traveler, and the traveler’s supervisor signed the travel expense report?
  • If the airfare was purchased through BCD Travel on a Requisition, it should be included on the Travel Expense Report in the Airfare column, and subtracted from section D of the report.
  • If the traveler is a non-resident alien, have you attached a copy of the traveler’s I-94 card showing how they entered the country?
  • When completing the report, please be sure to use the tab button so that all the necessary information is entered. You must complete the form in Excel. Do not print the form and complete by hand, including making any corrections to the form.
  • Items such as Laundry/Movies/Health Club/Non-Business phone calls except those of a short duration/etc. are considered to be personal and are not reimbursable. If you have included them on your expense report, please remove them before submitting it to Accounts Payable.

If you have answered NO for any of the above questions, please complete the required information and/or obtain and attach the appropriate documentation. If documentation is not available, please attach a letter of explanation as to why original documentation can not be provided.

If you have any questions concerning University Travel policy and procedures, please contact Lisa Chen.

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