WORKSHOP: Qualitative Data Analysis (4 hours)
Date and time: Thursday October 13th, 2016, 1-5 PM
Location: TUSM (exact location TBA)

WORKSHOP: Qualitative Data Analysis (4 hours)
Software packages like NVivo are tremendously helpful in analyzing qualitative data, but they are only tools. What do you need to do before you sit down to code? What are the different philosophies and techniques around coding? Once you have the data that the programs spit out, what are you supposed to actually do with it? How do you best interpret the data? What “best practices” in qualitative data analysis do you need to consider? This workshop is designed to answer all of these questions. NOTE however that the purpose of the workshop is not to teach you to use the software – most come with excellent training and support. You will, however, learn everything else that you need to know to successfully analyze your qualitative data.

Limited to 10 participants

WORKSHOP: Qualitative Data Analysis - Fall 2016

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