Obesity Journal Club

Obesity Journal Club 11/6/18 at 12pm in M&V 240

The Obesity Journal Club will meet on Tuesday, November 6th from 12-1pm in M&V 240 and via WebEx (see details below).

A light snack will be served – please bring your own beverage.

Presenter: Katherine M. Rancaño, MS
Article Title: Weight-based victimization from friends and family: implications for how adolescents cope with weight stigma
Authors/Journal: Himmelstein et al. (2018) in Pediatric Obesity
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1111/ijpo.12453

Article Abstract

Background: Youth with overweight and obesity commonly experience weight-based victimization. The ways that these youth cope with victimization can adversely impact their health. Despite considerable evidence that family members and friends are common perpetrators of weight-based victimization, the relationships among different sources of victimization and coping responses of youth are unknown.


Objectives: The present study examined the relationships between weight- based victimization from four sources (friends, peers, family members and teachers) and stigma-specific coping responses in adolescents using linear regression. 


Methods: Adolescents (ages 13–18 years; N=148) enrolled in a national weight loss camp completed questionnaires about demographics, weight bullying, sources of teasing and internalized weight bias.


Results: Teasing sources explained a large proportion of the variance in coping strategies for weight-based victimization. Weight teasing from friends was associated with greater frequency of negative emotions. Weight teasing from peers and friends were associated with greater frequency of coping via avoidance behaviours, while teasing from family was associated with fewer avoidance behaviours. Adolescents reported wanting more support from parents and stronger school policies to address weight-bullying.


Conclusions: These results suggest associations between weight-teasing sources and coping mechanisms. Interventions should examine the role of coping strategies to protect against adverse health effects of weight-based victimization.

WebEx Information
Meeting link: https://tufts.webex.com/tufts/j.php?MTID=m86c55d4042b3b5880a941c8f483d4c11
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Meeting number (access code): 736 392 434
Meeting password: vFUEM243

The Obesity Journal Club is a program of the Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center’s (BNORC). Aviva Must serves as the faculty facilitator. The general format includes the presentation, critique, and (we hope) thoughtful discussion of a current article from the peer-reviewed obesity literature. Faculty and students in the greater Boston area are welcome to attend and present. It is also possible to connect by WebEx and participate virtually—upon request.

Announcements for each meeting will come ~1 week in advance and will specify the paper we will review and critique. For those at Tufts, light snacks are served but please bring your own beverage. Obesity Journal Club will meet from 12-1pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from September to May.

Obesity Journal Club is participatory. We will ask for student and faculty volunteers to sign up and present an article of their choice at future meetings. Assistance in selecting an article for presentation is available. This is a great opportunity for students to develop presentation skills in a friendly low-risk environment. Sign up for the Fall meetings will take place at our first meeting on September 18th.

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