Trans-NORC Pilot Grant

The Pennington NORC has been awarded a supplement to administer a “Trans-NORC Pilot Grant”.  Please see the full text of the Application Instructions. The primary goal of this Trans-NORC P&F Program is to encourage and facilitate new, innovative and collaborative research around our NORC overall program. 

 ·         Submission Deadline:  March 15, 2019

·         Funding Available: $180,000

·         Submission: Apply through the Pennington NORC P&F web portal

 Questions about the P/F grant program can be directed to:

Jacqueline Fox

NORC Administrator

(225) 763-2686


Please note that each NORC may submit only one proposal.  Please contact Dr. Barbara Corkey, Center Director, if you have an idea for this funding opportunity.