JJ Burke

JJ Burke, MS-HEM ’11, Sandwich Fire DepartmentSlide 2

“I entered the HEM program unsure as to what direction I would take once I was in the program. I found that doing research and helping “special” populations would be the area I would concentrate on. I was fortunate enough to have the HEM program sponsor a live webinar that I did on LEAPS TV regarding drive thru vaccinations. The program was picked up by the Indian Health Service, a spoke of the United States Public Health Service. I was invited to consult on a drive thru flu clinic on the Colville Indian Reservation in Nespelem, Washington in September 2009. I was sponsored by the HEM program to go out and assist in the project. The program was a hit and now we are working with all of the Tribal Nations in the three state northwest region to implement this distribution practice. I was also invited to speak at the 2010 US Public Health Service Conference on the Indian Nation drive thru case study.

None of this would have been possible without being in the Healthcare Emergency Management Program!”