Justin McCullen, M.S.

14ff974Justin McCullen graduated the HEM program in May of 2012 and is currently employed as the Emergency Management Coordinator for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.  IN this role, Justin is responsible for coordinating Institute’s emergency preparedness and mitigation activities as well as the response and recovery efforts after an incident.   He is actively involved with collaborative emergency management and serves on a number of local, regional and enterprise level emergency preparedness committees and working groups.

Prior to enrolling in the HEM program, Justin spent over 15 years in Emergency Medical Service industry working for a number of ambulance services in the metro Boston area in a variety of supervisory and management positions.  In 2005, Justin was deployed for 35 days to Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita serving as staging officer for a fleet of 248 ambulances in what turned out to be the largest FEMA ambulance deployment in history.

Justin graduated in 2001 with a Bachelors degree in psychology from Boston University.

Resides in Needham MA.